Worst SUVs With The Highest Repair Costs

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A performance-focused premium midsize crossover SUV that also excels in passenger comfort and luxury, comes in last on our list of repair and maintenance horrors.

3rd-Generation Porsche Cayenne

The Porsche Macan is a premium compact crossover SUV that won JD Power's Best Compact Premium SUV title for 2018 ahead of the Lexus NX and the BMW X3.

1st-Generation Porsche Macan

The BMW X6's performance trim, the BMW X6 M Competition, will make things much more difficult for you if repairs and maintenance are already a pain.

3rd-Generation BMW X6 M

This full-size, three-row crossover SUV has a starting price of $81,900 for the 2023 model year, but if that's the most you're ready to spend, you might want to think again.

1st-Generation BMW X7

The basic price of the 2023 BMW X5 is now $65,200, with a repair and maintenance cost of $18,389 and a major repair likelihood of 54.61% during a ten-year period.

4th-Generation BMW X5

If you want a full-size SUV that is tough and opulent and you have at least $106,500 to spare, the 2023 Land Rover Range Rover might be the right choice for you.

5th-Generation Land Rover Range Rover

The BMW X6 is a 2-row midsize luxury crossover that is another SUV in the lineup from the German manufacturer and has a flawless 5/5 consumer rating from KBB.

3rd-Generation BMW X6

BMW XM Label Red Is The Most Powerful

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