Weird Facts About Love

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Your own wellbeing improves as you continue to spend more quality time with your companion.

Love Improve

A breakup is not an easy thing to recover from. In fact, and this is entirely supported by science, getting over a breakup is akin to quitting an addiction.


An average person will socialize with their loved one for about 1,769 days.


Group of persons over 75 who agreed to be interviewed, happiness truly revolves around love or the search for it. As such, love is the cornerstone of happiness.

Love and Happiness

More than half of married women do not truly believe that their partners are their soulmates, which is another strange statistic about love.


Before falling in love, you might consider your obligations since being in love reduces your productivity.


According to brain imaging studies, women are more receptive to romantic impulses after eating than before.

Connection With Food

Random Facts About Love

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