True Love

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As a relationship first begins, one reacts differently than they do as it develops into a long-term romantic commitment.

Stages of Love

Because there is a visible drop in cortisol levels in the body, which in turn increases the body's stress reaction, tension is a noticeable part of the early phases of love.

Initial Stress

The stress-related heart attacks seen in those who have just lost a loved one are known as takotsubo cardiopathy.

Broken Heart

The area of the human body where different actions in specific regions convey love and cause changes in heartbeat is the brain.


When someone first falls in love, cortisol, which lowers immune response, is released as a result of true love.

Immune System

When someone first falls in love, the desire they have for their spouse can be stressful and euphoric to an uncontrollable level.

Love Evolves

Long-term relationships can be challenging to maintain, but the research is clear that married couples who are in love have better cardiovascular health overall.

Better Heart Health

Psychological Facts About Love

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