Top Persistent Myths About Marriage

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Marriage, and by extension, relationships, are difficult to maintain. Making a marriage work requires a lot of discipline, bravery, and consistency.

Healthy Marriages

Conflict in marriages may be resolved, as study has repeatedly demonstrated.


A happy marriage results from two contented individuals who are dedicated to their relationship.

Happiness To A Sad Life

When you are with someone you no longer find attractive, when you stop making the necessary effort to enjoy your sex life, your sex life will become boring.

Boring Sex Life

You'll be accepted by your spouse. They ought to be able to push you to advance as well, though.

Accept All Of You

If this is how you envision marriage, you might want to pause and reconsider your previous beliefs. Marriage won't bring you happiness or a sense of purpose.

Purpose and Fulfillment

According to research, cohabiting couples are more likely to experience unstable marriages than non-cohabiting couples.

Living Together

Desirable Health Benefits of Marriage

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