Top Coffee Shops In La Jolla, California

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Discover La Jolla, California's BEST coffee cafes! In a cozy and pleasant atmosphere, these TOP La Jolla coffee cafes serve premium beverages and delicious menu items!

One of La Jolla's top coffee shops for European-style coffee and food.

Elixir Espresso & Wine Bar

One of the best coffee shops in La Jolla for specialty drinks, interesting flavors, and soft serve with coffee flavor.

Better Buzz Coffee

Even though the scones might be the star of the show, there are many other mouthwatering choices. The Scottish shortbread, apple rosette, and banana bread are all outstanding.

Brick And Bell Cafe

One of La Jolla's top coffee shops for "instagrammable" latte art and dishes from the millennial menu.

Parakeet Cafe

Despite being more of a bakery and bistro, Sugar and Scribe's excellent coffee bar secures them a place on the list of the top coffee shops in La Jolla.

Sugar And Scribe

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