Things Corvette C8 Owners Never Tell You

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Consumers shouldn't shun the 2020 Chevrolet Corvette despite the NHTSA having issued 4 recalls due to problems with the seat belts, service brakes and latches, locks, and linkages.

Avoid This Year

"A review of field data completed on January 22, 2022, revealed no additional relevant field incidents," claimed General Motors.

Loss Of Drive Power

Some LT2 engines have severe issues, which have had disastrous results.

Engine Problems

Simran Rastogi, a contributor to HotCars, claimed that lengthy waiting lists have become the norm as a result of Covid-19 shutdowns and component shortages.

Long Waiting Time

Multiple media outlets reported in December 2018 that General Motors had delayed the delivery of the 2020 Corvette C8 by six months due to electrical problems.

Electrical System Issues

Sports cars used to put the comfort of the driver above that of the passenger. However, things have changed recently.

Cabin Is Very Cramped

Understandably, the Corvette C8 is not an exception to the rule that sports cars aren't exactly known for their large storage capacities.

Small Storage Capacity

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