The Little Mermaid posters divide fans

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Character posters for The Little Mermaid live-action remake by Disney have been unveiled, providing a detailed preview of what's to come.


Image © Marca

There have been a variety of responses to the live-action posters, despite the fact that many people are familiar with the characters' appearances because to the adored cartoon from 1989.


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The characters' appearance was commended by one person, who also wrote that "they look like book covers (compliment)".


Image © Deadline

In reaction, one user wrote in all caps, "Now this is character poster photography!" while another thought it was the "best cast" Disney had assembled in a while.

Image © Fandango

Someone else tweeted that his daughter would adore this. Beautiful visuals!" One person threatened to quit their job if their supervisor wouldn't give them time off to see the movie.

Image © Deadline

Some, however, did not like the reveal, suggesting that Ariel's hair might have been better off red to match the animation.

Image © What's On Disney Plus

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