Taylor & Diana: More Than Friends

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American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift and actress Dianna Agron have been close friends for several years, which has sparked rumours of a romantic relationship.


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Recently, Agron addressed these rumours in an interview, stating that their friendship was "more than just close friends" and that the romantic speculation was "interesting."

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Swift and Agron first met in 2010 and have been friends ever since.

The Swift-Agron Friendship

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Their friendship has also led to speculation about a possible romantic relationship.

Rumours of a Romantic Relationship

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Many fans have pointed out the similarities between Swift's romantic relationships and her friendship with Agron.

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In a recent interview, Agron spoke about her friendship with Swift and the rumours of a romantic relationship.

Agron Addresses the Rumours

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She stated that their relationship was "more than just close friends" but did not confirm or deny the speculation.

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