Space Dust Could Carry Alien Life

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According to a recent study, astronomers should look at space dust and other exoplanetary debris to look for extraterrestrial life.

Space Dust

According to the study, An astronomy professor at the University of Tokyo, up to 100,000 bits of life-carrying dust particles may be traveling to Earth each year.

Tomonori Totani

Ask the dinosaurs what happens when a large asteroid collides with a planet: there may be cosmic repercussions.

Asteroid Collide

Or don't; they were wiped off by a space rock that struck Earth 66 million years ago, making them extinct.

These disastrous effects can leave behind debris that covers entire planets, extends into interstellar space, and forms craters the size of hemispheres.

Disastrous Effect

In the new research, Totani makes the case that debris pushed into space from a large enough impact on a planet with life could carry evidence of that life out into space.


The new paper was published online Wednesday (March 22) in the International Journal of Astrobiology.

Bad News For Alien Life

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