Signs You’re Not in Love Anymore

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There are no longer any feelings when there is no desire to talk about anything and you have essentially stopped conversing with your partner.

Lack of Communication

When your excitement for spending time with your partner turns to dread, you start to question whether you are still in love.

Avoidance or Excuses

At this time, it could feel as though you are irritated by everything your partner does. Nothing the mate does is correct.

Become a Complainer

Although it is not true love, infatuation has the ability to last a long time, leading some people to mistake it for love.

Feelings For Love

In the end, taking this time apart is just a means for you to progressively distance yourself from the other person without declaring a breakup.

Need For a Break

It may be an indication that you're no longer in love if you're happy in a different social group than the one you were in before.

New Friends

When intimacy at all levels becomes the last thing on your mind and you no longer feel attracted to your partner, this is a sign that you are no longer interested in them.


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