Signs You Were Never in Love

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It may be a sign that you were never in love when you start to realize that you truly don't feel like giving your relationship a chance.

Making It Work

It may be a sign that we were never in love if you and your lover argue almost every time you see each other.

Argue A Lot

Do you apologize with one another after a disagreement? If you don't, it's likely a sign that you don't care enough to resolve an argument.


You might not have ever been in love with your partner if you are unable to communicate with them at all.

You Don’t Talk

You should probably know that you are no longer in love with someone when you don't seem to care at all about what they are saying.

No Interest

You might want to pay attention when you feel that something is missing from your relationship and the feeling doesn't go away.

Missing Something

You might want to move on because your mind is telling you that I never loved you.

Lessons Love Has Taught Us

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