Signs of a Healthy Marriage

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Accepting oneself is the first step to being a decent husband or wife. Growing a positive sense of self-acceptance is one of the important indicators of a successful marriage.

Self Acceptance

Every day, emotions play such an important part in our lives. They give our relationships color, both bright and dark, positive and unfavorable.

Responsibility For Emotions

Each person has various boundaries, thus in a marriage, each spouse must be aware of both their own and common boundaries.

Healthy Boundaries

When two utterly distinct and independent people want to live their lives in close proximity and closeness, conflict is unavoidable.

Deal with Conflicts

When you can enjoy yourself with your spouse and look forward to spending time with them and doing activities you both enjoy, your marriage is healthy.

Fun Together

A spouse who listens, respects, shares, and engages in open and honest communication supports a pair in a good marriage.


Avoid making assumptions about what your partner is thinking or feeling or jumping to conclusions.


Tools to Make Your Marriage Healthy

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