Rocket Lab launches NASA cubesats

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Rocket Lab successfully launched NASA’s TROPICS CubeSat mission from its complex in New Zealand.

Rocket Lab launches NASA TROPICS CubeSats

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The TROPICS mission is NASA’s first CubeSat mission to study the dynamics of tropical storms.

First CubeSat Mission for NASA TROPICS

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The Electron rocket, manufactured by Rocket Lab, was used to launch the CubeSats. The launch took place from the Mahia Peninsula.

Rocket Lab’s Electron Rocket for the Launch

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The launch took place in ideal conditions, with clear skies and minimal winds.

The Launch Process

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Rocket Lab is responsible for the launch of the CubeSats, while NASA is responsible for the scientific objectives of the mission.

Collaboration between NASA and Rocket Lab

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Tropical storms are one of the most destructive natural phenomena on Earth, causing loss of life and property damage every year.

Significance of the Mission

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NASA has plans to launch several more CubeSat missions in the coming years, with the aim of studying of the Earth’s atmosphere and space weather.

Future CubeSat Missions

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Geomagnetic storm may hit Earth today

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