Robert Pattinson to play serial killer

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Robert Pattinson to play a serial killer in Netflix new thriller comedy.


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Robert Pattinson is all set to play the role of a serial killer in an upcoming Netflix thriller comedy titled "The Devil All The Time."

Robert Pattinson in new role

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The storyline of "The Devil All The Time" follows a young man, who is devoted to protecting his family from a group of sinister characters.

Storyline of "The Devil All The Time"

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Pattinson will be playing the character of Reverend Preston Teagardin, a charismatic preacher who is not what he seems to be.

Pattinson's character in the movie

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The movie also stars Tom Holland, Mia Wasikowska, Bill Skarsgård, Eliza Scanlen, and Sebastian Stan in lead roles.

Other cast members

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Apart from "The Devil All The Time," Pattinson is also set to star in "The Batman," a superhero film directed by Matt Reeves.

Pattinson's upcoming projects

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"The Devil All The Time" is set to release on Netflix on September 16, 2022, and fans are eagerly waiting to see Pattinson's portrayal of the complex character.


Image © Den of Geek

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