Rare Used Pickup Trucks You Can Buy

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Due to its unusual appearance, toughness, and legendary status among off-roading enthusiasts, a vintage entry takes the top spot on our list.

1988 Nissan Hardbody Desert Runner

Toyota has never released official production figures; enthusiasts estimate the total to be produced at around 3,000 vehicles annually.

2006 Toyota Tacoma X-Runner

Don't worry; the Cadillac Escalade EXT offers the convenience of a Chevrolet Avalanche along with all the comfort of the Escalade SUV.

2006 Cadillac Escalade EXT

Subaru will take care of you. The Subaru Baja Turbo from 2006 is based on the Subaru Legacy/Outback, with just a raise and a bed added.

2006 Subaru Baja Turbo

For $8,770 you can buy a crew-cab Ford F-150 with black paint, leather seats, and a modified front fascia, which will satisfy all of your comfort and utility requirements.

2002 Lincoln Blackwood

This Mitsubishi might look familiar to Mopar enthusiasts because it is nearly identical to the third-generation Dodge Dakota, with the exception of the front fascia.

2009 Mitsubishi Raider

Ford created a limited edition NASCAR trim for the F-150 in 1998 that added a 4.6-liter DOHC V8, NASCAR graphics, and a Roush Air Dam.

1998 Ford F-150 NASCAR Edition

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