Random Facts About Love

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30% of American adults use an online dating app, and 12% of those surveyed in 2020 by Pew indicated they had married someone they met on one of these apps.

Online Dating

From the Sanskrit term lubhyati, which meaning desire, it appears.

Word Love

One of the heartwarming odd facts about love is that being grateful to someone we love might help us feel happier right away.

Power of Gratitude

The romantic love stage is associated with excitement and butterflies and is known to continue for roughly a year, is replaced by a more stable stage known as the committed love.

Stages of Love

When speaking to their lovers face-to-face, women frequently feel more adored and in love. For guys, working, playing, or speaking next to another man is what makes the difference.

Men vs Women

The mere act of falling in love is believed to have a relaxing effect on the body, which is another heartwarming odd fact about love.

Effect of Love

The brain functions involved in empathy and good emotions are affected by compassion.

Brain’s Chemistry

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