Psychological Facts About Love

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Although Dr. Helen Fischer categorizes love into three parts—attraction, lust, and attachment—she admits that it is an unclear feeling.

Love Components

Our personalities and perspectives on the world change when we fall in love. We may even become more positive about things or more receptive to the interests of our partner.

Love Changes You

Dopamine, the "happy hormone," is released during romantic relationships. You experience a high from this hormone, which makes you feel upbeat and socially accepting.

Bonding With Others

The brain's amygdala, which controls fear, is deactivated as a result of love. As a result, when you are in love, you are less afraid of outcomes and repercussions.

Makes You Brave

According to research, humans are capable of controlling their love.

Love Under Control

It has been demonstrated that daily love experiences improve a person's overall psychological health.

Love and Overall Well-being

Comparing love with lust demonstrates that there are overlapping feelings that make it difficult to tell the two apart.

Lust and Love

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