Priyanka Chopra on awkward scene

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Priyanka exclaimed, "Thank God! " when speaking on the American chat show Live With Kelly and Ryan.

Priyanka Chopra

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Thank God it was my husband they were making out with. She continued by describing the incident and stating that it had been a poor internet date.

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It was implied in the scenario that it was a poor online date. I eventually tell this guy, "Take it slow." He then begins slowly licking my face.

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And because of the Covid-19 (pandemic), they had to hire an arbitrary man to play the part.


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I was simply anticipating that. In certain circumstances, especially with someone you don't know, I am fine without saliva, Priyanka stated.

Priyanka stated

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She added that although Nick Jonas was in London at the time, the producers had originally intended to cast a random man to play the role.

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Since Nick is in town and is an actor, did you mind if we asked him to play Priyanka's date?, our director Jim asked.

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Priyanka claimed that she agreed to ask him right away. "Because that was saliva that felt good. It feels comfortable," she said.

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