Pete Davidson's SNL return teased

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Fans of Saturday Night Live are anticipating Pete Davidson's comeback as he has been away from the program for a few weeks.


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He gave his supporters the reassurance that he was fine and that he was taking a break to work on some personal initiatives.

Davidson's Absence

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He lauded Davidson's abilities and hinted that his comeback would be something unique for the audience.

Thompson's Tease

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He most recently starred in The Suicide Squad and had an appearance in The King of Staten Island, a comedy-drama on Netflix.

Davidson's Success

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Fans of SNL are eager to see what the show has in store for the forthcoming episodes because of its reputation for producing topical and humorous sketches.

SNL's Upcoming Episodes

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Fans are hoping that since Davidson has been upfront about his mental health issues, he is taking care of himself during his downtime.

Davidson's Future

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One thing is certain: he will always hold a special place in the hearts of his fans, whether he stays at the top of the comedy scene or moves on to other endeavors.


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