Niall Horan confirms new tour

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Former One Direction member Niall Horan shares his plans for an upcoming tour in an interview with Pride Magazine.

Niall Horan Plans On Tour

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In addition to his tour plans, Horan also revealed that he will be releasing his third studio album, "The Show".

Third Studio Album

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Niall Horan teased his fans about his upcoming album, stating that it features a more mature sound.

A More Mature Sound

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The announcement of Niall Horan's new album and tour plans has caused a stir among his fans who eagerly await the release of his new music.

Anticipation Among Fans

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Horan's previous tours have been incredibly successful, with sold-out shows in numerous cities across the globe. Fans can't wait to see him perform once again.

Past Success

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Since the hiatus of One Direction, Niall Horan has successfully pursued a solo career, releasing hit songs such as "Slow Hands" and "Nice To Meet Ya".

A Solo Career

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Niall Horan's upcoming tour and album release demonstrate that the singer's career shows no signs of slowing down.

An Exciting Future

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