Negative Effects Of Marriage On Health

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In times of stress, particularly the stress brought on by marital dispute, both men and women's immune systems commonly take a beating.

Immune System

People in stressed or unhappy marriages appear to be particularly susceptible to heart disease, which is another adverse effect of marriage that has been identified.

Heart Disease

Increased blood sugar levels and an increased risk of acquiring type 2 diabetes can both be brought on by stress in a marriage.

Diabetes Risk

Blood glucose levels may rise over an extended length of time as a result of prolonged psychological stress or unsolved issues.

When a disease or physical injury occurs, the body takes a long time to heal due to immune system weakness.

Slower Healing

The desire to engage in unhealthy behaviors might be overpowering for someone who is caught up in an unhappy or violent marriage.

Harmful Habits

This could be an effort to use alcohol, drugs, or both to dull the emotional pain of the failing marriage.

Positive Effects Of Marriage In Health

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