Most Impressive Upgrades Of Marvel Hero

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The Immortal Hulk lived up to his moniker and reputation. Even if he were murdered, he would come back to life the following night and become known as the craftiest Hulk.

The Immortal Hulk

He has held Mjolnir and used its fleeting abilities, but he has also had moments of extraordinary strength.

Captain America With Unimaginable Strength

Spider-Man became Captain Universe thanks to the Uni-Force, a superhero with unrivaled strength and the capacity to act as a universal antibody.

Cosmic Spider-Man

Galactus had lately devoured five worlds, amplifying his already enormous power, but Thor was able to fight him and even subjugate him.

Thor As Herald Of Galactus

She-Hulk changed into a merciless version of herself after Thanos almost killed her and the Hulk was killed. She lost her intellect, but she gained a great deal of physical power.

She-Hulk Civil War II

Wolverine acquired a Phoenix Gun, which ultimately caused him to come under the power of the Phoenix Force. Thankfully, Spider-Man was able to step in and avert a disaster.

Wolverine As Phoenix Force

However, as Emma Frost's consciousness occupied his head and unlocked his full ability, he felt a powerful rush.


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