Most Common Fights in a Marriage

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One of the things couples fight about is one, or both, lying.


One of the topics to fight about in some relationships evolves from insecurity but can also be related to disrespect.


Sometimes common fights in a marriage develop because one person is not giving their time to the partnership.

Lack of Commitment

What couples argue about might seem relatively insignificant, like who will do the laundry or take care of the pile of dishes, but it can inflict more damage to a marriage than many imagine.


Whether you love to hate their family or vice versa, why couples fight all the time can often be related to relatives.

Extended Family

When your partner continues to be up and about after 7:00 p.m. despite you having settled in for the night, it may become problematic for the relationship.

Adapting to Lifestyle

Unfortunately, that’s often the case regarding how money is being spent or developing savings, or even earning enough for the family.


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