Most beautiful train stations in the U.S

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Here is our ranking of the most attractive stations in the United States.

We appreciate the unique architecture of Amtrak station, which is a semi-circular Art Deco building with a stunning terraced water cascade in front composed of concrete.

Cincinnati Union Terminal

With its half-timbered walls and large dormers, this station resembles Bavaria just a little bit in Montana.

Whitefish Station

The visual remarkable station is highlighted by two towers made of shining white marble with spires.

Union Station

The Red Line and Silver Line bus rapid transit lines of the MBTA have stunning curved facades that are topped by clocks with eagles beginning to extend their wings.

South Station

Amtrak, Megabus, GRTC, the Pulse, bike-share, and a connecting to the Virginia Capital Trail are all present at this busy station, which also serves Amtrak.

Main Street Station

This railroad station, which serves as both an Amtrak station and a visitors center, used to be one of the most significant structures in downtown Flagstaff.

Flagstaff Amtrak Station

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