Matt supports Ben Affleck's relationship

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Matt Damon is thrilled to see his best friend Ben Affleck happy with Jennifer Lopez, and approves of their relationship.


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Damon loves Jen and thinks she is the best thing that has happened to Ben. He is relieved that his childhood friend is happy with her.

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Ben's kids love him with Jen and her kids too. They are one big happy family.

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Both Affleck and JLo love to stay busy and work, but they know it's important to take a step back and enjoy their time as husband and wife.

Setting boundaries

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Things are going great for Affleck in his career and personal life. He is working out and feeling good.

Affleck's career and personal life

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Affleck and JLo are happier than they have ever been. Damon loves Jen and is glad Ben is so happy.


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