Kylie Jenner sent away from a party

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Kylie Jenner was reportedly sent away from Doja Cat's party after trying to attend too early.


Image © The New York Times

According to sources, Kylie Jenner arrived too early at Doja Cat's post-Met Gala party, and security wouldn't let her in.

Kylie Jenner's early arrival

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The party had strict rules about when guests could arrive, and the doors didn't open until midnight.

Rules of the party

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Reportedly, Jenner was not happy about being turned away and left in a huff.

Jenner's reaction

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Those who did make it inside the party, including Doja Cat, were seen wearing extravagant outfits and having a great time.

Inside the party

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The Met Gala is a highly anticipated annual event in the fashion world, known for its extravagant and often controversial looks.

The significance of the Met Gala

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While Kylie Jenner may not have made it into the party, the event itself was a success, with attendees turning heads in their bold fashion choices.


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