Kendall Jenner's daring date outfit

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Recently, rapper Bad Bunny from Puerto Rico and Kendall Jenner were photographed out on a date in Miami.


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In a sheer white top that highlighted her defined abs, the supermodel looked stunning.

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The see-through shirt was worn by Jenner with a black skirt and stiletto shoes. She added minimal jewelry and a tidy ponytail as finishing touches.

The Outfit

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The Swan Miami restaurant, which is renowned for its delectable cuisine and stunning interior design, was where the pair was last spotted departing.

The Location

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Although it's not known if Jenner and Bad Bunny are romantically involved, their recent outing has sparked speculation about it.

The Romance Rumors

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Social media was rapidly used by fans to express their opinions about the prospective pair. While some were optimistic about the pairing.

The Social Media Buzz

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Whatever the gossip, Jenner looked stunning on her date with Bad Bunny. We eagerly anticipate her upcoming outfits!


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