K-pop Kai sets military enlistment date

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Kai from the K-pop group EXO will be enlisting for mandatory military service on May 11, according to his agency SM Entertainment.

Kai Set to Enlist Quietly

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Kai was reportedly preparing for EXO's comeback, which was scheduled for this year.

EXO's Comeback and Future Plans

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Many fans have expressed their understanding and support for Kai's decision to enlist in the military.

Fans Express Understanding and Support

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Kai is widely known for his exceptional dancing skills and performances, which have earned him recognition in the K-pop industry.

Kai's Accomplishments in the Industry

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EXO is one of the most popular and successful K-pop groups in the industry, with a large following both in South Korea and internationally.

EXO's Popularity and Success

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Military service is mandatory for all male citizens in South Korea, and idols and celebrities are no exception.

Importance of Military Service in South Korea

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After completing his military service, Kai is expected to return to the entertainment industry and continue his music and acting career.

Kai's Return and Future Projects

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