Jovi's son 'very happy' after engagement

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The legendary musician shares his thoughts on his son’s engagement to Stranger Things actress, Millie Bobby Brown.

Jon Bon Jovi Gives Marriage Advice to Son Jake Bongiovi

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During an appearance on Andy Cohen’s Sirius XM show Radio Andy, Cohen congratulates Jon Bon Jovi on his son’s engagement.

Congratulating the Bon Jovi Frontman

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Bon Jovi said, “I don’t know if age matters, if you find the right partner and you grow together, I think that would be my advice.”

Age Doesn't Matter

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The “It’s My Life” hitmaker further explains, “Growing together is wise. I think that all of my kids have found the people that they can grow together.”

Growing Together is Wise

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He responds, “I’ve seen it of course. Millie is wonderful. Her whole family are great. Jake is very, very happy.”

Stranger Things and Millie Bobby Brown

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Brown and Bongiovi announced their engagement news on Instagram on April 11th, 2023 as Brown posted a photo of herself.

The Engagement Announcement

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The engagement announcement was captioned with lyrics from Taylor Swift’s Lover, “I’ve loved you three summers now, honey, I want ‘em all.”

Taylor Swift's Lover

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