J.Lo discusses Affleck's parenting

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Jennifer Lopez opened up about how her husband Ben Affleck teaches her how to interact with kids.

Jennifer Lopez praises Ben Affleck's parenting skills

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Lopez said Affleck is a great father who is involved and "in tune" with his children.

Ben Affleck is an involved and brilliant father

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He always takes out time for his kids and family despite his hectic schedule.

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Lopez revealed that her kids love Affleck and see him as a father figure.

Affleck has a strong connection with JLo's kids

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She said he has connected with them following their marriage and is "fantastic" in his role as a stepdad.

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Lopez revealed that Affleck has read every book on children and parenting, and applies what he has learned.

The actor has read every book on parenting

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Lopez said seeing how much effort Affleck puts in being a good father brings tears to her eyes.

Lopez feels emotional about Affleck's parenting efforts

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