JLo credits Affleck's impact on her work

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JLo said that Ben was the first person to watch her action movie. She shared that she shows it to him because he's so good at it.

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JLo said that the first cut of a movie is not the last cut of a movie, and it goes through a whole incarnation after that.

Ben's insight and JLo's training

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She added that Ben always has amazing insight and sees things about characters and about story being a writer himself. The Second Act actress gushed over her husband in the interview.

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The Mother, JLo's new action movie, is set to premiere on May 12 on Netflix.

JLo's movie set to premiere on Netflix

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Speaking about her character, JLo disclosed that the movie required her to do a lot of training for the combat scenes.

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The actress shared that it was one of those ones where you really have to train a lot.

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