Jenna's Met Gala look nods to Wednesday

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Jenna Ortega's 2023 Met Gala debut look is a nod to hit Netflix show "Wednesday."


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Jenna Ortega, the 19-year-old actress, made her Met Gala debut in a black and white dress designed by Jason Rembert for Aliétte.

Jenna Ortega's Met Gala Look

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Ortega's dress is inspired by the gothic character from "The Addams Family" series, Wednesday Addams.

The Inspiration

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The dress was designed by Jason Rembert, the founder of Aliétte, who is known for his bold designs and intricate details.

The Designer


Jenna's hair and makeup were also inspired by the character Wednesday Addams.

Jenna's Hair and Makeup

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Jenna completed her look with black platform boots, fishnet stockings, and statement jewelry.

Jenna's Jewelry and Accessories

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Jenna Ortega's nod to Wednesday Addams in her 2023 Met Gala look not only paid tribute to the iconic character.


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