Jamie Chung talks Succession cameo

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Actress Jamie Chung revealed her excitement over her recent cameo appearance on the HBO drama series, Succession.


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Chung spoke about her experience on Succession, saying, “When you have an opportunity to be on a show like that, you say yes, you know?”

Opportunity to be on the show

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Chung revealed that even the scripts were redacted due to the secret surrounding Logan Roy's death in the show.

Secrecy on set

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Chung's husband, Bryan Greenberg, joked that she had come home with spoilers after filming the show, but Chung reminded him that she had signed an NDA.

NDAs and spoilers

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Chung's cameo appearance was in the episode titled "Connor's Wedding," where she played the role of the wedding coordinator, Beth.

Cameo appearance

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Chung expressed her joy at being part of the critically acclaimed show and shared her enthusiasm for the opportunity.

Final thoughts

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