Jackson: Wife Enjoys Watching Sex Scenes

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Joshua Jackson and Jodie Turner-Smith recently opened up about their experiences filming sex scenes.


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Establishing trust with your co-star and the director are according to Jackson the keys to successfully filming sex scenes.

Jackson's perspective

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Turner-Smith believes that creating a safe environment for all parties involved—actors, director, and crew—is crucial when shooting personal scenes.

Turner-Smith's point of view

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Both performers acknowledged having anxiety before shooting sex scenes, but they attributed their ability to get over it to their mutual trust.

Calming one's nerves

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Jackson and Turner-Smith also talked about the difficulties of filming intimate scenes with a big cast of extras surrounding them.

Navigating intimacy on set

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Throughout their conversation, both actors emphasized the value of open communication between all parties involved in the production.

How important communication is

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In the end, Jackson and Turner-Smith both expressed their satisfaction with their work on "Voyeur" and their desire for the program.

Final thoughts

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