Human Facts About Love

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Heartbreak isn't just a metaphor for love; it's an actual phenomena that causes extreme emotional stress and weakens your heart.

Broken Heart

Ever wonder why on Valentine's Day, couples receive red roses? It's because Venus, the Roman goddess of love, is represented by these flowers.

Rose Flower

The truth about love in humans is that we really find others whose immune systems differ from ours to be attractive.

Immune System

You are more likely to fall in love with someone who has a high level of testosterone in them if you have a high level of estrogen in your body.

Chemical Makeup

The giddiness is probably caused by the fact that couples in love synchronize their heart rates while they look into each other's eyes.


It seems that the emotional effects of falling in love are similar to those of a cocaine intake.

Cocaine Effects

More abstract and imaginative thinking is influenced by all of those romantic daydreams and recollections.


Weird Facts About Love

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