Hayley Kiyoko criticizes police threats

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Singer Hayley Kiyoko invited drag queens to perform at her Nashville concert despite the law against "adult cabaret" in public places.


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Hayley Kiyoko shared that an undercover cop warned her before her show that she could get into legal trouble if she allowed drag queens to perform.

Hayley Kiyoko defies the law

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Kiyoko told the local drag queens, LiberTea and Ivy St. James, about the threat, but they still performed.

Drag queens perform despite threat

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The homosexual singer apologized to her community and expressed her devastation.

Kiyoko apologizes to the community

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The order expires on May 26, as a Memphis-based LGBTQ+ theater company challenged the governor's order in court.

Police deny Kiyoko's account

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The theater company argued that the governor's order violated the First Amendment, which guarantees freedom of speech and the press.

Gov. order violated the First Amendment

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