Have Healthy Intimacy In Relationship

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There shouldn't be any shame, guilt, or stigma attached to sex or sexual activity.

Good Communication

You should express your expectations and desires to your partner if you want to experience sexual closeness with them.

Talk Freely

Unfulfilled sexual expectations can be detrimental to a relationship.

Couples hardly ever get time to interact due to busy lives. Days pass, and they hardly ever speak for more than a few seconds, and sex is put on the back burner.

Schedule Your Activities

Don't count on your lover to initiate or bring up sex every time you two are together. To have a fulfilling sexual relationship, both parties have equal responsibility. 

Take Initiatives

You can't always expect sex to be a wonderful experience. And don't anticipate your sexual life to be as seductive as it is in the movies.

Don’t Compare

You'll probably receive a lot of advice on how to have satisfying sex in a relationship.

Don’t Ignore Your Partner

But if you continue to avoid and ignore your partner, you will never be able to have a fulfilling sexual relationship.

Behaviour In A New Relationship

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