Hart supports Foxx on medical recovery

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Kevin Hart appeared on a podcast where he updated fans on Jamie Foxx’s health condition.

Kevin Hart sends love to Jamie Foxx

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According to Kevin Hart, Foxx’s situation is improving, and there's been a lot of progress. Hart expressed his love and well wishes for Foxx.

Foxx is making progress in his recovery

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Jamie Foxx posted his first statement on Instagram since he was admitted to an Atlanta health facility last month.

Foxx expresses gratitude to fans and Nick Cannon

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Jamie Foxx's medical emergency caused a significant outpouring of love and support from his fans.

Fans rally behind Foxx during his recovery

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Neither Jamie Foxx nor his representatives have released any details about the medical complication that he is dealing with.

Details of Foxx's health condition

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Kevin Hart is one of many of Foxx's friends and colleagues who are hoping for a speedy recovery.

Kevin Hart is rooting for his friend's swift recovery

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His daughter Corinne, who is the regular DJ on the game show "Beat Shazam," has been temporarily replaced by Kelly Osbourne.

DJ on "Beat Shazam"

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Harry skips Met Gala to avoid Olivia

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