Harry skips Met Gala to avoid Olivia

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Harry Styles reportedly refused the invitation to the Met Gala 2023 as he did not want to face his ex-girlfriend Olivia Wilde and her friend Emily Ratajkowski.

Met Gala 2023

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Harry has no desire to meet Olivia at the moment. Wilde reportedly felt "betrayed" by Ratajkowski after she kissed former One Direction member.

Harry doesn't want to meet Olivia

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There were no visible tensions between Ratajkowski and Wilde at the event, the insider shared.

Olivia and Emily at the Met Gala

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Styles was spotted kissing Ratajkowski in Tokyo months after his split with Wilde.

Styles' Japan kiss with Emily

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Harry did not attend the Met Gala 2023 as he did not want to face Wilde and Ratajkowski together.

Avoiding an awkward run-in

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The singer apparently took the decision to stay away from the event as he did not want to risk seeing Wilde and Ratajkowski together.

Harry's desire to stay away from Wilde

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