Gunn talks Ezra Miller's future in DCEU

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Ezra Miller's place in the DC Extended Universe and his potential future as The Flash are discussed by James Gunn.


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In the DCEU, Ezra Miller plays The Flash, and he has also made other film cameos.

Ezra Miller’s role in DCEU

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Miller became embroiled in a scandal in 2020 after a viral video showed him strangling a lady.

Allegations against Ezra Miller

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Following the uproar, it was unclear if Miller would keep playing The Flash in the upcoming DCEU films.

The future of Ezra Miller in DCEU

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Miller's continued portrayal of The Flash in the DC Extended Universe has been confirmed by Suicide Squad director James Gunn.

James Gunn's statement

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Gunn added that everyone merits a second opportunity and reaffirmed his support for Miller.

Gunn on the controversy

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Miller will play The Flash in the future DCEU films, and James Gunn's confirmation has allayed any concerns about his part.


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