Geomagnetic storm may hit Earth today

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Scientists have warned that the Sun has sent a series of solar flares in Earth's direction, which can cause a strong geomagnetic storm.


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Solar flares are eruptions of intense high-energy radiation from the Sun's surface. These can last from minutes to hours.

What are solar flares?

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The storm can disrupt communication and navigation systems, affect satellite signals, and lead to power outages.

Possible impact of the solar flares

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People are advised to take precautions and prepare for possible power outages and communication disruptions.

How to prepare for the storm?

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The solar flares have already been released from the Sun, and it takes around 1-2 days to reach Earth. The strong geomagnetic storm may hit Earth today.

When will the storm hit?

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Solar flares are a natural phenomenon that can have severe impacts on Earth's systems. Scientists are closely monitoring the situation and will provide updates.


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