Florence Pugh on receiving backlash

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The 'free the nipple' fashion icon Florence Pugh has spoken out about the criticism surrounding her 'free the nipple' choices.

Florence Pugh

Image © Hollywood Life

Addressing the revealing Valentino gown that made news last year.

Image © Local Today

Recall that the Don't Worry Darling actress attended Valentino's haute couture presentation in Rome in July of last year while donning a translucent dress.

Translucent Dress

Image © WWD

While the majority of her fans (including us) loved the look and praised Florence for her body confidence, others took to social media to shame Florence for releasing the nip.

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Nearly a year after the incident, Florence has addressed it, telling the New York Times that she was "surprised" by the negative response.

New York Times

Image © Footwear News

She acknowledged that she received a lot of compliments.

Image © Cosmopolitan

But added that she was shocked by the rude and obscene remarks some people felt free to make because she had exposed her nipples.

Image © Footwear News

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