Exciting Couple Role Play Ideas

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Begin by thinking of role-playing scenarios, such as contacting the handyman for repairs and making sure you're wearing something sexy when you open the door.

The Handyman

You can play the part of the innocent student with failing grades or the attractive professor who has feelings for his pupil.

Student and Teacher

You might try to stop your "professor" from moving on, but you soon realize that you have no other option.

This is one of the role-playing ideas that involves receiving a massage from your spouse, which can really set the scene. It's simple but sexy.

The Masseuse

Make sure you have plenty of body oil on hand, begin the massage as you normally would with a professional, and then be careful to rub the pressure points associated with sexual activity as well.

Create the scenario where you are left alone in the house with the father of the child you are watching, and the infant is sound asleep.

Dad and Nanny

Try your hardest to woo this hot dad; the naughty nanny wants some attention. Tip: Try to say no a few times before giving in to the hot dad.

Have Healthy Intimacy In Relationship

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