Ed Sheeran wins copyright case

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Ed Sheeran has won the copyright case over his hit song "Thinking Out Loud," which had been accused of stealing from Marvin Gaye's "Let's Get It On."

Fans relieved

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During the hearing in New York, Sheeran, 32, had warned that he would leave the music industry if the verdict went against him.

Threat to quit music if found guilty

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The claimants had accused Sheeran of copying a chord progression from Gaye's 1973 classic “Let’s Get It On” for his song, which won a Grammy.

Copying Marvin Gaye’s 1973 classic

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One fan tweeted that Sheeran was "literally the most unproblematic artist out there," and they were glad he won the case.

Fans celebrate

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Sheeran's fans weren't the only ones relieved by the outcome, with the artist himself taking to Instagram to express his joy at the verdict.

Sheeran’s relief

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With many high-profile cases of music copyright infringement hitting the headlines in recent years, this case is a landmark victory for artists and their fans.

The future of music

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