Ed Sheeran mourns friend's death

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During the documentary, Ed reveals the devastating news of his best friend Jamal Edwards' sudden death at age 31.

Ed Sheeran Mourns Loss

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He remembers the personal events that left him feeling so lost, including Jamal's first birthday and cookout without him.

Battling Grief and Finding Closure

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He talks about how strange it felt to suddenly be handed a shovel and put dirt on his mate's grave.

The First Time Putting Dirt on a Mate's Grave

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He recalls how Jamal's sudden death left him feeling so raw, even six months later.

Remembering a Friend Lost Too Soon

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Ed Sheeran dedicates the song "Eyes Closed" to his late friend Jamal Edwards at the end of the documentary.

Dedicating a Song to Late Friend

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He reflects on the memories he shared with Jamal and how they shaped him as a person.

Moving Forward with Memories

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Ed Sheeran's documentary Ed Sheeran: The Sum of It All serves as a tribute to the power of friendship.

The Power of Friendship

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