Doja Cat reveals large back tattoo

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American rapper Doja Cat reveals a new back tattoo that showcases a skeleton of a bat.

Doja Cat unveils new bat tattoo

Image © Daily Star

The tattoo's caption reads, “Don't explain yourself” and features a block of text explaining the symbolism behind the bat.

Tattoo's meaning

Image © Interia Muzyka

Doja Cat hired Mr. K, a tattoo artist with celebrity clientele including Hailey Bieber and Michael J. Fox.

Doja Cat's tattoo artist

Image © Vulture

Doja Cat's new tattoo comes after she received a similarly sized demon tattoo on her arm based on an illustration from an Italian philosopher's book.

Previous tattoo

Image © People

Doja Cat showed off her new tattoo at the 2023 MET Gala where she honored Karl Lagerfeld's cat, Choupette.

Revealing the new ink

Image © Daily Star

The theme of the 2023 MET Gala was honoring the iconic German designer Karl Lagerfeld.

The MET Gala's theme

Image © Interia Muzyka

Doja Cat paid tribute to Lagerfeld's cat with her outfit, completing the look with the new bat tattoo on her back.

Doja Cat's fashion tribute

Image © Vulture

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