Doja Cat's Choupette-inspired Met Gala

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Doja Cat's Met Gala appearance was influenced by Karl Lagerfeld's Choupette the Cat.


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Choupette, the beloved cat of the late fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld, served as the inspiration for Doja Cat's remarkable and distinctive attire.

Doja Cat’s Unique Met Gala Look

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Doja Cat revealed that she had grown up with Lagerfeld and his work and that she had a personal connection to him.

Doja Cat’s Personal Connection to Karl Lagerfeld

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Karl Lagerfeld's cat, Choupette, was referred to frequently as his muse and source of inspiration.

Who is Choupette?

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Doja Cat's Met Gala attire, which consisted of a black and white suit with a dramatic feathered train, was inspired by Choupette.

The Inspiration Behind Doja Cat’s Look

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Doja Cat has made no secret of her affection for cats, frequently posting on social media images and videos of her own kitties.

Doja Cat’s Love for Cats

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In addition to honoring Karl Lagerfeld's heritage and his cherished cat Choupette, Doja Cat's Met Gala ensemble showcases Doja Cat's individual style and love of felines.


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