Discovery of rapid ice melt in Greenland

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Scientists have discovered a rapid ice melt in Greenland that could result in a significant rise in sea levels.


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The study, led by Dr. Ruth Mottram of the Danish Meteorological Institute, used satellite data and ground measurements to track changes in the Greenland ice sheet.

The study

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The study also revealed that the melt rate has accelerated in recent years, with an average annual loss of 329 billion tonnes of ice between 2010 and 2020.

Accelerating melt rate

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The rapid ice melt is a major contributor to the global rise in sea levels, which poses a significant threat to coastal communities around the world.

Impact on sea level rise

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The study underscores the urgent need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to prevent catastrophic consequences of climate change.

Urgent need to reduce emissions

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The findings of this study demonstrate the critical importance of policy changes and collective action to curb emissions and slow the global warming.

Importance of policy changes

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The rapid ice melt in Greenland is a wake-up call to the urgent need for action on climate change.


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