Daniel Radcliffe becomes dad

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Starring Harry Potter Actor Daniel Radcliffe has welcomed his first child with Erin Darke.


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According to rumours, Daniel Radcliffe and his longtime partner, actress Erin Darke, have welcomed their first child.

Daniel Radcliffe becomes a father

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The couple's relationship, which started in 2012 when they met on the production of the movie "Kill Your Darlings."

Radcliffe's low-key relationship

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On social media, neither Radcliffe nor Darke have made any formal declarations on the birth of their child.

No social media announcements

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Although no information regarding the baby's gender or name has been confirmed, fans have been speculating.

Speculations about baby's gender and name

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"Escape from Pretoria" and "Lost City," two prospective projects for Radcliffe, are among them.

Radcliffe's upcoming projects

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Many fans were shocked to learn that Radcliffe had become a father, and they are eagerly awaiting more information about the new arrival.


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