Cox advises daughter on sun exposure

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Courteney Cox advises daughter Coco Arquette to limit sun exposure after suffering significant skin damage herself.


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The Scream star reveals how excessive sunbathing in her 20s caused significant skin damage.

Courteney’s bad experience

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Cox shares her advice with her 18-year-old daughter Coco, recommending to limit sun tanning, wear sunscreen and use the right products.

Advice to daughter

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Cox reminds her daughter to care for her body, including her skin, and not just focus on her face.

Reminder to care about body

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Cox now wears sunscreen to protect her skin while playing outside, using the Dynamic Skin Recovery Sunscreen.

Sun protection

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The Friends alum recommends Phyto Nature Oxygen Cream, which she uses at night, for its hydrating properties.

Recommended products

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Cox emphasizes the importance of protecting and caring for skin, especially with excessive sun exposure, and using the right products to keep it healthy and glowing.


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